Osaka History and Culture

Osaka, often overshadowed by Tokyo despite its much more fascination and unique history , has played many roles in its long history dating back to before the seventh century. It was originally known as Naniwa-kyo, one of the first imperial capitals of Japan during Emperor Kotoku's reign. The KANJI characters for Naniwa are now read as Namba, the name pg the famous entertainment, shopping and nightlife district in Minami. After the capital moved elsewhere, Naniwa later became the capital again for a tried time in the eighth century under Emperor Shomu. The name Osaka is recorded in documents as far back as the fifteenth century, although the KANJI characters were changed from 大坂 to 大阪 because part of the second character in the old name is indirectly associated with the negative meaning of "death"

Following World War Ⅱ

After order was restored somewhat with assistance from allied occupation, Japan's economy once again grew, this time at a faster pace than it had during the prewar period. Osaka again became the center of manufacturing in Japan for severe decades until factories began moving overseas to other parts of Asia.While Osaka held a reputation for being a dirty and dangerous city during the prewar and early postwar periods, it had undergone a drastic transformation to become one of Japan's most pleasant places to live.

Osaka Culture

Today, Osaka has become a dynamic, forward-moving city, constantly growing and innovation thanks to its people and leaders.
Culturally, Osaka is known for its food, the frank and welcoming character of its citizens, its comedians and other aspects. It has along-standing rivalry with Tokyo, although Tokoyoited seem to spend more time criticizing Osaka than Osakans, who generally do't judge outsiders with contempt or care much about Tokyo culture. In addition, the baseball ricalru between Hanshin Tigers of Osaka/Kobe and the Yomiuri Giants of Tokyo, as well as the soccer rivalry between Gamba Osaka and the Urawa Red Diamonds of Saimtama, are some of the fiercest in Japanese sports.
Osakans are jniw ti be down-to-earth and have pride in their city, but their pride almost never leads to arrogance, and they gladly welcome and accept newcomers. It is also one of Japan's mod international cities. In other words, you are sure to age sine friends during your visit.