Travel cheap

This is not just a budgeting tip. Traveling cheap enables you see the things Japanese people see, and following more conventional routes reveals the "real" Japan that you might otherwise miss, I personally do not recommend bus tours and the like run by big companies, unless you want the adult version of an elementary-school field trip

Don't plan everything

In other words, leave room for the unexpected. A trip where everything goes as planned is like visiting chinatown and saying you went to China. Research travel times and locations, and create a reasonable scheduled of things you want to see each day, as well as a list of other things you might want to see. But do not feel the need to stick to that schedule all the time. If something down a side street catches your eye as you walk. go take a look.

Forget what's going on at home

You will get the most out of your experience if you leave your worries and daily concerns behind. Use the chance o not only relax, but immerse yourself fully in a fascinating new world.

Try to speak Japanese

The ability to speak the language of the country you are visiting enhances the experience by a huge degree. By speaking only english, you are limiting yourself to what has been translated and people who can speak English, which means you are not seeing Japan for what it really is. If you try out a few guidebook phrases win you have the opportunity. Even if your language is terrible, people here will praise you lavishly for you excellent language skills.

Eat local specially food

Every region of Japan and most citied and towns have their own sociality foods, You will to only get a wide sampling of Japanese cuisine, but you will have a richer travel experience if you try local specialities along the way. It also makes picking a menu item simple.

Stay at onsen (hot spring)

I know it' probably scary to think of being naked in front of the most complete strangers, but hot spring baths are one of the most wonderful parts of Japan, and they can be found almost everywhere. Schedule one night at a hotel, ryokan, or resort with hot spring baths and enjoy yourself. Some hotels ha e kashikiri-buro, which are baths that can be reserved for private use.