Wifi service in Kyoto

It is much more complicated connect to wifi in Japan than United States in some cases.
A majority of hotels in Japan offer free internet in their guest rooms. A few hotels, typically the higher end Western chains, charge for internet access based on 24 hour periods. Access is usually provided as wired internet via LAN cable or as a wireless network. At older hotels you may have to borrow and install some hardware in order to connect to the internet in your room.

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Although far from ubiquitous, free public Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly widespread in Japan. Free public networks can be found around major airports and train stations, tourist information centers and major shopping streets.
A few cities, such as Kyoto and Fukuoka, have also begun to introduce free public networks in their central districts. In addition, several nationwide convenience store and cafe chains provide free Wi-Fi access to their customers.

Registration is required to use most of these services, and in some cases must be done in advance. While some of the networks offer sign up pages in English, others do not. A few networks are also limited to specific devices (e.g. iphone only) or restrict the content that can be accessed.

The following are some of the most useful free public Wi-Fi networks for foreign tourists in Japan:

* Major Airports
Most major international airports, including Tokyo's Narita and Haneda Airports, Nagoya's Central Japan Airport, Osaka's Kansai Airport and Fukuoka Airport. Registration can be done on the spot.

* Free spot
Thousands of hotels, restaurants and shops nationwide. Registration can be done on the spot.

* 7spot
Thousands of 7-Eleven convenience stores, Denny's family restaurants, department stores and other locations nationwide. Registration can be done on the spot.

* Starbucks
Hundreds of Starbucks coffee shops nationwide. Registration must be done in advance.

* Kyoto_WiFi
Around a large number of bus stops, subway and train stations, cafes and restaurants in central Kyoto. Registration must be done in advance.

* Shijo Musen LAN
Along Kyoto's Shijo Dori shopping street. No registration necessary.

* When you traveling to Tokyo area...
NTT East Free Wi-Fi around
Thousands of Wi-Fi spots across Eastern Japan (including Tokyo) for free use by foreign tourists. A card with login ID and password can be picked up at a number of designated places around Eastern Japan (see official website for a list) by presenting your passport.