Tenryu-Ji Temple in Sagano, Kyoto
Tenryu-Ji Temple in Sagano, Kyoto      
 登録済  登録済  エラー

エリア:右京区   観光 タイプ: 寺院・神社・城

  おすすめ時期: オールシーズン

  観光 ジャンル: 日本の文化・政治・歴史   世界文化遺産


  • 日本の文化・政治・歴史   世界文化遺産

Tenryu-ji is in the middle of Sagano/Arashiyama district that is one of the most popular areas among visitors to Kyoto.

The Zen Buddhist temple has an excellent Chisen-kaiyu-shiki (pond-stroll) garden that was laid out by a garden designer of genius, Muso Soseki (Muso Kokushi, or the Most Reverend Priest Muso, 1275-1351). Sogen-chi pond and Ishigumi (arranged rocks) in the garden are very much worth to see. Mt. Arashiyama and Mt. Kameyama are designed into the garden as Shakkei (borrowed scenery).

Tenryu-ji is the head temple of the Tenryu-ji branch of Rinzai Zen sect and one of 17 World Cultural Heritage sites of Kyoto.


Empress Tachibana-no-Kachiko (786-850), the consort of Emperor Saga (786-842), founded a big convent called Danrin-ji some time in Jowa era (834-848) in this place. In the middle of Heian period (794-1192) the convent fell into ruin. Retired emperor Go-saga (1220-1272) built a detached palace called Kameyama-dono on the deserted convent site. Kameyama-dono was inherited by Emperor Kameyama (1249-1305) and his grandson Emperor Go-daigo (1288-1339).

In the year 1339, Priest Muso Soseki made a proposal to the first Muromachi Shogun, ASHIKAGA Takauji (1305-1358) and his brother Tadayoshi (1306-1352) about establishing a temple for the late emperor Go-Daigo, who had initially coordinated with the samurai brothers to overthrow the Kamakura Shogunate and then changed to be the deadly enemy of them. They agreed with the priest but the newly-established Shogunate government did not have enough money so that they had to start trade with China to make funds for building the temple.

In the year 1345, the Zen temple was officially founded with Muso Soseki being the first head priest. The buildings of the temple suffered fires several times during its history. The present O-Hojo building was rebuilt in 1899 followed by other buildings.

How to get to Tenryu-ji

13 to 19 minutes from Kyoto station to Saga-Arashiyama station on JR railway San'in Honsen line. Then 10 minutes on foot.

45 minutes from Kyoto station to Arashiyama-Tenryu-ji-mae on Kyoto City Bus No. 28 and 1 minute on foot.

15 minutes on foot from Arashiyama station of Hankyu Railway Arashiyama Line.

3 minutes on foot from Arashiyama station of Keifuku Railway Arashiyama Line.

Hours and Admission

April to October: 8:30-17:30. The entrance gate will be closed at 17:00.
November to March 8:30-17:00. The entrance gate will be closed at 16:30.

All except those listed below: 500 yen
Schoolchildren and Junior High School Students (1st to 9th graders): 300 yen
Children under school age: free

Additional 100 yen is required to enter Buildings.


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